Can I have different flavours?


Yes, you can have a different flavour for every tier if you wish.


Do you bake all of the cakes yourself?


Yes, all of our cakes are baked fresh in our kitchen. We believe your cake should taste as good as it looks. Fruitcakes are baked a minimum of 6 weeks before your event and fed with cherry brandy to allow them to mature. Sponge cakes will be baked the week of your event to ensure they are as fresh as possible.


Do you do cake tasters?


Cake tasters are available during consultations. Please contact us if you would like to book a consultation.


Can I have fresh flowers on my cake?


Yes you can. Normally your florist should provide these, however we can on occasion source flowers for you. We will liaise with your florist on flowers for your cake and arrangement. Please be aware that certain types of flowers are unsuitable for decorating cakes with.


Can we keep the top tier of our cake for a christening or our 1st anniversary?


Of course you can, so long as the cake is a fruitcake. Please let us know when booking if you are hoping to keep the top tier of your cake. This way we can ensure the venue knows not to cut your top tier and we can also provide a box for you to take it home in. We will also provide instructions on how to store your cake.


Can you re-ice a cake for christening?


Yes, so long as the cake is a fruitcake and found to be in a satisfactory condition. If a cake is to be re-iced that has been stored incorrectly and we deem it inedible then we won't be able to re-ice it for you. If we made your wedding cake then we are happy to offer a discount on re-icing a top tier for a christening.


Can you ice and decorate a cake baked by a family member?


We understand that you may have an amazing family recipe you wish to include in your wedding cake. We are happy to ice and decorate a cake baked by a family member so long as it is a fruitcake. We will need to liaise with whoever is baking the cake to ensure it is baked to the correct size and shape.


Do you cater for allergies?


Whilst our cakes can be made to not contain nuts, nuts are used in our kitchen and therefore all cakes may contain traces of nuts. We are happy to offer gluten free cakes in certain flavours, please contact us for more information. Unfortunately we cannot produce egg free cakes at the moment. All of our cakes can be produced without the addition of alcohol.


Can we have non-edible items on our cake?


It is becoming increasingly popular to have non-edible items displayed on cakes, such as brooches or crystals. We are happy to decorate cakes with non-edible items, but they must always be removed prior to consumption. Certain items may be unhygienic to insert directly into the cake, however we can usually work with you to find a solution to this.


Can I have an exact copy of another cake decorator's design?


We will not produce an exact copy of another designers work. Whilst we can take inspiration from other designs and work with you to develop something new and unique, we cannot reproduce an exact copy.


Can I visit your shop?


We are a private studio, based in a residential area. You may only visit with a pre-arranged appointment. All of our cakes are made to order, we do not have ready-made cakes for purchase.